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The best way to save and view articles, videos and more.

When you find something on the web that you want to view later, put it in Pocket. It automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it any time, even without an internet connection.

New York Times, Business Week, and TechCrunch call it "DVR for the web."
Previously the #1 paid Android news app, now free!

Use Pocket when you discover an interesting article, video or web page, but don’t have time to view it. Once it's in Pocket, it's on your phone, tablet or computer. You can read an article during a flight, see a web page while you wait in line or watch a video while relaxing at home.

Articles, videos or pretty much anything you find online.

If it's in Pocket, it's on your phone, tablet, and computer.

See your articles, videos and everything else in a beautiful, easy-to-view layout.

Save to Pocket from any app on your Android device. Just tap 'Add to Pocket' when sharing a page.

Simply log into Pocket using your Read It Later username and password for a seamless transition.

Download Pocket today and start saving!

Pocket -formerly Read It Later

Read It Later

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The speed and simplicity of Chrome, now on your Android phone and tablet.
Search and browse fast with Chrome on your Android phone and tablet. Sign in to sync your personalized Chrome experience from your computer to bring it with you anywhere you go.

Search fast
- Search and navigate fast, directly from the same box. Choose from results that appear as you type.
-  Browse faster with accelerated page loading, scrolling and zooming.
Simple, intuitive experience
- Open and quickly switch between an unlimited number of tabs. On your phone, flip through tabs the way you would fan a deck of cards. On your tablet, swipe from edge to edge to switch tabs.
Sign in
- Sign in to Chrome to sync your open tabs, bookmarks, passwords, and omnibox data from your computer to your phone or tablet.  Pick up right where you left off.
- Send pages from Chrome on your computer to Chrome on your phone or tablet with one click and read them on the go, even when you’re offline.
- Browse privately in Incognito mode.


Google Inc.

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The Sonic 4 Saga continues in Episode II with the return of a beloved side kick and fan-favorite villains!

Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new evil, Sonic will have to call upon an old friend to help him save the day! Now joined by Tails, race across four brand new Zones and take down fearsome new badniks with deadly combination moves in order to put an end to this dastardly duo’s plans!

Powered by Nvidia Tegra
Episode II comes to life on the Android using the Tegra 3 Nvidia Chipset for silky smooth gameplay and graphics

Collaborative Play
Team up with a friend via Bluetooth and take control of Sonic and Tails as they battle against Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic!

Lock-on with Episode Metal
Users who own both Episodes I & II will unlock an exclusive scenario featuring Metal Sonic! Explore four Acts across four reworked Zones from Episode I and experience the story of Metal Sonic's revival after his defeat in Sonic CD!

Sonic 4 Episode II THD

SEGA of America
Cut the ropes, deliver candy to Om Nom, collect stars, and unlock new levels.

The follow-up to the award-winning mobile game Cut the Rope has arrived for Android! ZeptoLab's Cut the Rope: Experiments features the familiar and loveable little monster Om Nom who is discovered by a mad (but not bad) scientist determined to study his candy-loving behavior through a series of experiments.

Cut the ropes, release candy into Om Nom's mouth, collect shiny gold stars, and unlock new levels.

Join millions of people around the globe and help the Professor and Om Nom get through these wacky experiments!

Key Features:
- 150 new experiments (levels) across 6 colorful new settings, with more to come!
- 6 level packs: Getting Started, Shooting the Candy, Sticky Steps, Rocket Science, and Bath Time
- New gameplay elements like rope guns, suction cups, rockets, and water!
- New characters
- New storyline featuring commentary from the Professor
- New social integration: find hidden evidence for the Professor’s photo album to share on Facebook.
- Scoreloop achievements and leaderboards - compare your progress to other rope cutters around the world!

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5 star 5,382
4 star 373
3 star 91
2 star 39
1 star 164

Cut the Rope: Experiments

Android phones and tablets have risen in popularity and, as a result, so has the free games demand. There are a lot of free games applications for Android but not all of them are worth your time. But then again, there are some that you’d really enjoy playing.

To help you out, I’ve put together a collection of 10 free games apps that you can play on your Android device. Check them out and if you’ve got any other games to add, leave us a comment below. If you’re interested in free games apps for iPhone, go ahead and check our previous post.
Top Free Games for Android

1. Angry Birds

With a 4.6 rating on the Android market, The Angry Birds free game is one of the most addictive you can play. There are 255 levels where you have to use the unique powers of the birds to destroy a pigs’ fortresses.

2. Sketch Online

This game is really simple but what’s great about it is that it’s interactive and you can play it with your friends. Sketch something and make you friends take turns guessing what it is.

3. Blast Monkeys

This games has a 4.4 rating on the Android apps market. It’s described as a fun and very addictive game, so you should definitely try it out at least once.

4. Inotia3 – Children of Carnia

With a 4.5 rating, this is an adventure game you have to play. Your mission is to protect the ones you love and join the adventure. There’s an amazing storyline that you’re going to enjoy.

5. Live Holdem Poker Pro

If you’re a poker addict, than this is the game for you. Play with millions of real players from Facebook or Google Android, regardless if you’re a beginner or a true professional. You’ll have live chat, personal avatar, sit-n-go tournament mode,ring games, free daily gold and many more.

6. Diversion

This free game for Android has amazing graphics and it’s also very fun. There are 3 worlds, 100 levels and more than 150 characters to collect. Try it out.

7. Wordfeud

For those competitive people who are into word games, check out this free game for Android. It’s a multiplayer puzzle game that you can play with you friends. You can play up to 30 separate games at the same time.

8. Mouse Trap

Here’s yet another puzzle game to keep your mind active. Your mission is to help a mouse escape from a maze. If you’ve got skills and are a patient person, this should be a piece of cake. However, it’s still a fun game.

9. Elf City

Create a new civilization on Elf City. Build your dream city and show it to your friends to impress. There are lots of features and overall it’s a pretty fun game.

10. Asphalt 5 HD

If you’re into car races, check out this free game for Android. You get to pick a fancy car and race with some of the fastest car ever built.

Is your favorite game not in the list? Leave us a comment so we know which one it is.

The best Android apps are getting harder to find in the increasingly crowded Android Market. We're here to help as we test and rank the top applications available for Android phones.

When T-Mobile launched the very first Android-powered handset – the G1 – back in 2008, the app library to go along with it looked like a minimart beside Apple’s Walmart. But the past few years have been kind to Google. The steady release of high-profile, high-power Android handsets have turned that initial drizzle of apps into a torrent. Though it used to be called the Android Market, the Google Play store offers applications for just about everything. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up what we think are the best Android apps in several different categories. We’ll continue to update this list periodically.

Make sure to check out Best Android games and our picks for The Best Android phones. Multiple members of the Digital Trends staff contributed to this compilation.

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